All my files are greyed out when trying to upload them to a website for part manufacturing

Alright so new here and still fairly new to Shapr but I’m a fast learner however,

Every time I try and upload a file to a website for manufacturing of said part, such as “sendcutsend” or any other website, every file that I have successfully saved from shapr is greyed out and un-uploadable

All files were sent to myself via email and saved to a designated folder for my Shapr3d projects on my iPad not the iCloud, and when saved to any other device
ie: my iPhone I can upload them right away to any websites just not on my iPad

Please help, it’s quite annoying to export to my phone just to upload to a website to have said part manufactured

I have been having this same exact problem. I do not use the app on my phone but maybe I should try that until shaper3d has answer for us