My files are continuously uploading

Dear Shapr,

Please see the attached image - a hole bunch of my files are continually uploading. I cannot access them to stop the uploading nor open them so they are stuck in limbo.

I have recently added Shapr to my MacBook Pro 2021 Mac OS12.6 and this seems to coincide with my issue.

Previously I have been working on my Shapr files on my 2019 13” IPad Pro IOS 15.5

I have just updated the app on my Ipad and this didn’t help. I have not yet deleted and reinstalled the app for fear of loosing my files.

Please can you tell me how to recover these files.



Hi @Bendango,

Please open a support ticket using the link below and let us know the email address you have registered your Shapr3D account with.


Solved it - (for now) - I just needed to untick Sync which must have been activated when I added Shapr to my MacBook.

At the moment Sync is a global setting for your account, meaning it’s either On on all devices, or Off everywhere.