ALPHANADO - 'Alpha City' - (a work in progress)

A few images from a project I’m working on.

Not the most detailed models but just enough for a short animation I’m preparing for my ‘ALPHANDO’ project which will be coming to KICKSTARTER soon.

You might notice in the video the issues with moving, rotating, panning and zooming the models.

I’m using a trackpad on my MacBook Air M1 as well as a ‘One by Wacom’ but manipulating the models is impossible to do smoothly. In addition, the cursor is always visible and parts of the model highlight as I move the cursor across the screen to grab and move the model.

I wish Shapr3D had some basic shortcut keys to allow users to rotate models around an axis and maybe zoom in and out smoothly.


You might consider looking into the 3DConnexion Space Mouse. Here’s a short video I took of Shapr3D on my iMac with my iPhone and edited on my iPad. I had to limit it to 22 secs to fit inside 10mb. Note the (mouse) pointer is out of the way and on the navigation cube upper left (a bit hard to see). The Space Mouse makes for some nice fluid movements.


Thanks @TigerMike
Definitely worth considering!

That wait will soon be over :wink:


Maybe a bit of a stretch, can it work with iPad?


Sadly no, there is no driver for iPadOS.

However you can use sidecar or universal control to make it work with a mac and iPad.

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