Mouse or Apple Pencil on the iPad?

I’m curious. I just connected my bluetooth mouse to my iPad (the keyboard is already connected) and I tried using the mouse instead of the pencil. It’s actually quite nice!

So the question is, who else out there is using the mouse on the iPad to do Shapr3D?

I tried it, but the pencil is much better in my opinion.


Couldn’t agree more. Pencil on the iPad is unbeatable. On the Mac (with mouse and keyb) the best option is 3D Space-Mouse.


I tried the 3dConnexion Space Explorer on the Win version, and it doesn’t work yet. :frowning:

But the Space Explorer works great on the Mac. :slight_smile:

Splines are easier with a mouse. It can be quite frustrating using the pressure spline method with the pencil.

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I prefer using the pencil and touch. But I do use mouse and keyboard from time to time.