Amazing Beta 3.5.4

Hey guys !

Thanks for your great work! The new version is greaaaat… I am much happy with the new project feature :smile: it’s amazing and wish you all the best. Screenshot feature is much better now since it supports for showing sketches or not but the only thing missing here is to be able to select and show dimensions of edges for technical drawings when needed (for example to email and show it to a colleague or publish for papers and patent documents)


image image


There’s a new capability to lock the grid size. See pls below, I fixed the grid size with zooming to much to 1_000_000 mm, so no more the grid lines bother me when diving into complicated drawings and inspections. Compare the two cases with and without having the grid. It’s perfectly fine to have the ability for the grid lines to be on/off.

image image

As shown below, when selecting lines, or bodies in project feature, list of bodies and sketches needed to select from.

Doesn’t support body imprinting to another body as seen in the vid below…

And what were you expecting here?



The blue body be bent over the cylinder. Not the sketches of its faces.

Yes clearly they are but since the introduction in TestFlight states imprinting the bodies I thought that maybe the case. Maybe or not it’s going to be developed, don’t know, the guys could answer their intentions on this so we figure that out. SpaceClaime has sketch and body imprinting both but not Freeform Plus.


Btw, at the beginning of the new beta, they asked us about the primary CAD software we use, it was strange that Shapr3D was not in the list and I was forced to type in the “others” section as “Shapr3D” :smile:


Once again guys well done.

The latest projection feature is just what I have been waiting for. I have spent many hours drawing individual bricks to make a castle tower for a medieval fortress I am 3d printing for my grandchildren. The first tests of the projection tool have produced exactly what I need.

Fixing the grid size to a set dimension works really well, I didn’t realise how many times I checked the grid spacing. Having a set grid helps when I am designing a garden. It gives a better visual representation of the space available when the initial layout is being decided. I set the grid to .5m for the garden layouts and 5mm for the 3D printed designs.

With both garden design and 3d printing I work in groups. If the objects are going to be printed I copy and join them into a single piece on its own group then send that group to the slicing software. At times the objects end up in an unexpected group. It’s part of the design process, a random thought as I work on a project, or an object copied without paying attention etc. Anyway at times it is hard to find where the object is without going through all the groups. It would really help if the group name could be included on the information line at the bottom of the screen as well please.

The iPad is seldom out of my hands. Your app is my favourite and the results I am getting both professionally and recreationally are beyond anything I could have ever expected. The “old” iPad Pro is now taken out on site more frequently and new aspects of my job are being developed in conjunction with your product. The “new” iPad Pro is protected and kept at home where something strange has happened. In the past I spent many recreational hours by myself in my home office working and playing on the the desk top computers and printers. I still do the things that require the fixed desktop systems there. But with your app I have a choice and can now do the designs while I sit in a comfortable arm chair in the living room, drink at hand, tv on in the background and even occasionally talk to my wife!

The freedom your app brings to being creative is a very important aspect I think you should make more of. For me to sit in a garden and produce designs in the actual surroundings are obvious. It saves time, it involves the client in the design process and produces better results by taking out the delay factor involved in travelling back to the desk top. Just as important the investment in the equipment and software has paid for itself time and again.

I don’t have a clue how the maths behind your software works and to be honest don’t really care. I am a gardener which in effect means I am working by hand on the land and that’s about as low tech as you can get. The people I work for just want me to layout their gardens so they can come home and enjoy their free time. I want you to make your software as easy as possible so that I can come home and enjoy my free time. So far guys we are all doing really well.

Thank you