Anchor Points and Pivot Points

I am brand new user. I have the trial version on my iPad 5 mini installed with the current iOS installed as of 5-9-22. I am using a 1st generation iPencil. Also, I have not used my iPad before for doing illustrations or 3D modeling (old school PC/mouse user).

I have watched the YouTube video basics playlists.

In the videos, I noticed mention of Anchor Points (AP) and Pivot Points (PP).

Q1- Are they the same thing but given a particular description depending upon the function being done?

Q2- Can an AP be moved to a different place on an object and can they also be “remembered” by the object so it can be used later on in the model process?

Reason I am asking is that for a particular body, when moving I might want to use the custom AP for snapping to a “target” object.

Q3- Can(could) a custom AP be used as an reference point (target) when moving, aligning (other transformations?) other objects?

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