Define a permanent pivot point?

Hey guys!,

Quick question, I’d like to define a permanent pivot for parts. I tend to reuse parts a lot and when I bring them in and select them to move/rotate/scale they default to a center selection. Which sometimes can be off grid. I can manually set this ( drag the gizmo to a corner/vert, but if I deselect I loose it.

Anyway to keep a prefered pivot point?. Maybe the folder system could have one and we place elements inside to take the parent folders pivot ? Etc.


Sounds like you mean making the pivot point “lockable”? That would be handy.


If you create a sketch on which you create a specific endpoint or intersection - where the pivot point should be, you can create a reference point for the pivot. To move them, you can select the sketch and the body by double tapping and move the gizmo to the reference point on the sketch. This way the sketch and the body should be selected together, they will be moved together and you will always have the same reference to place the gizmo to.

Feel free to let me know if this solution works for you,