No angle pop-up

I’m confused, something changed in the last version. If I sketch a simple right angle, then add a slope line that doesn’t touch either end point, I cannot set the angle. What changed. What am I missing?

Can you share a screenshot of this please?

Here’s two screenshots, second one is my workaround (have to add another random line. B44F54F8-DEFE-481F-8FB5-AAE23F5F7DFA E0219484-0396-4F70-8349-EF811F711883

You can set angle between 2 lines only if one of their endpoints are in the same position. We don’t support not connecting line or “point-on-line” angle yet. Altought we are going to implement this in the near future, it’s a requested one and we also miss it during sketching :wink: