Any feature ideas?


Yes, in the long term we should definitely have a symmetric modeling option, but in the next few weeks we will implement mirroring/scaling.


Sounds good! Just curious if in the short term there would be a way to merge the models back into 1 piece?

edit --> If i’m editing half an object and mirror/scale it over, can I combine them into 1 object?


With the freeform surface tool? It creates separate parts for you?


I see. If it is a solid, then you can use the boolean union tool. If it is a face/shell then it is harder, but we will figure out something for that as well. Maybe the union tool should work for faces too.


Just started using shapr3d - really easy to use. How about ability to load a reference image onto the floor grid. Need to be able to adjust size and opacity - would be really useful.


Yes, that’s one of the top requests, I think we will put this on the top of the list. Maybe we will implement it next week, together with the orthographic views.


Being able to toggle on symmetry would be very helpful - probably only need to have symmetry in one axis.


An ability to re-scale an object would be good. Could add it to the move/rotate tool and rename it a transform tool?


Symmetry: yes that’s among the features we really want, but not sure yet how. Eg. should it work in tools as well? For example with the boolean tools? It should definitely work in the freeform surface tool. What should happen if I imported a non-symmetric model, etc. We don’t have exact answers for that, but we will figure it out sooner or later :slightly_smiling:

Scale: yes, we really need that, it will be included next week, or the week after next week.


Would be quite nice to be able to take a screen shot of the object against a transparent background and export this to the ipad photo album as a png file. Could then be loaded into painting program such as Procreate.


Hmm, that’s a great idea. Kind of like rendering, but easier to implement. We will definitely consider this.


Ideally symmetry should be able to work with all tools, but particularly with the initial drawing phase to help make a symmetrical outline and with the extrusion as well. Another way of making symmetrical objects would be to be able to make half of the object and then do a duplication with symmetry and then join the two objects together, if that makes sense.


Yes it makes sense. The second one will be much easier I think.


-drawing modes. (Shaded, wireframe, non-lighted)
-Angle rotation snapping to grid (for things like 90 degrees, 45,180, maybe a toggle, right now it seems to snap to all angles which makes it really hard to rotate exactly 90 degrees)
-shade the horizon plane so I can see where an object is touching it (if I’m moving an object up and down on z axis)
-main grid line should have a little more thickness so I can easily tell where 0,0,0 is
-symmetry drawing tool so I can make symmetric objects
-I think by default if your drawing a shape using lines it should default to a line when you get to the next point. If I’m using curves the next point is a curve as well.
_I’m finding that I need to edit the 2d shapers after I no longer can sometimes. It would be nice to be able to toggle editing the 2d shapes.

Overall I really like it. The pencil manipulating objects and fingers manipulating the tools and camera are great. really looking forward to start creating some 3D printed things. I’m very eager to go from iPAd to cura to my printer.


any plans on be able to import a .SVG as a sketch or solid?


I’ve got some suggestions but they’re kind of mundane I’m afraid. (I hope none of these relate to features I just haven’t discovered yet - apologies if they do!)

  • Move vertex once placed; on a few occasions I’ve misplaced verts on surfaces and could do with the ability to re-align them. Meaning any vertex, at any point in the process, not just after creation.
  • Specify vertex type after creation; so whether it’s a corner, smooth, bezier corner or bezier smooth
  • Scale objects and lines / spline proportionally and non-proportionally
  • Primitives, with ability to specify width/length/height segments and then manipulate
  • Grouping objects

That being said pencil input in 2.2 is much improved, as is sketching on flat surfaces, although sketching a circle on a cylinder is still a bit challenging. Starting to look really good though.


Constraints, constraint, constraints… Concentric, mid point alignment from two sides (I know you can use the dims. but you have to know the planes dim), tangent, etc.
Construction tools, planes, axis, etc.
Move object snaps, placing one object on another for Boolean and joining.
Parametric history, I know this is big, any plans for this?:grinning:

  1. Constraints: maybe, not in the next few weeks. We have been thinking about it, but we are not sure yet how to implement it properly (from the UX point of view)
  2. Construction tools, planes, axis: for planes, have you tried to sketch your own construction plane? How would you like to use axes?
  3. Move object snaps: yes, we will have advanced alignment tools, that’s on the roadmap.
  4. Parametric history: no, and that’s not planned. It would make the whole UX/UI very very complicated. We will rather go with advanced feature editing, like removing fillets/chamfers, moving features.