Any feature ideas?


OK, but what were you doing when you realized, that “darn, I really want to select multiple items!”


The culastra on the sides and the steps of the stairs … I had to select it one by one to make a mirror or copy.


WOW!!! That’s amazing! Can you post this to the “Share your creations” topic as well? :slight_smile:

We do have some concepts for area/lasso selection, and that’s a feature we definitely have to implement indeed.


Sure i will when i finish it :v:



I find your app to have a great potential and I believe that it can turn into a great 3D modeler in a near future.

None the less there are some key features that are missing and that literally stop me from using Shapr3d for serious 3d work… at least for what I do.

Here are some of the missing features that in my opinion you should implement as soon as possible:

  1. Import images for each orthographic view to use as underlays for the creation of a 3D model.
    An ideation process usually starts with a lot of sketches and I always import my sketches to the 3D software to use as a reference when I’m creating a 3D model and I’m refining the design.

  2. 3D sketching.
    When I need to create complex and organic shapes, I always beging with a good wireframe network that will be the base for surface and solid geometry generation. 2D sketching only, limits a lot the flexibility of and power to create complex shapes.

  3. True surface modeling toolset.
    Following on the point 2, there are majors limitations in what concerns surface creation in Shapr3D that truly cripple your app. You should allow the creation of lofts with open sections and add to the toolset at least a four sided surface, a trim and stitch and blend surface tools and you should also have the possibility to control the curvature continuity between surfaces.

Without at least these additions, I will look at Shapr3d as an interesting 3D tool but that will not get the job done for me and, because of that, as something that will not motivate me to subscribe.

Wish you all the success



Hi there,

  1. image import
    yes that’s coming this year :slight_smile:

  2. 3D sketching
    Well, the only software that can do this is CATIA (and Umake). Or do you mean using 3D curves? Because 3D curves are a quite ofter requested feature, and we will definitely add it in the near future.

  3. Surface modeling tools
    You can expect lots of improvements here. We will completely reimplement our lofting algorithm, and it will allow you create lofts from open sections as well. However you can even without these tools create amazing stuff, as you can see it here: Share your creations
    Shapr3D originally intended to be a solid modeler, but we will improve our surfacing tools as well in the near future.

Based on these questions, I suppose you are currently using Rhino, right? :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:

Regarding the 3D sketching I meant 3D curves.

In what concerns the surface modeling tools… I’m a product designer and only on very rare occasions I start modeling with solids. 99% of the time I create a surface patch layout, whose base is a wireframe layout, and stitch everything in the end and only then I turn the geometry into a solid either by shelling or by closing.

I have more than 20 years of experience with surface and solid modeling but, believe it or not, I’m not a Rhino user.
There are other modelers on the sea :wink: Currently I’m a Fusion 360º user. I love that software and will continue to use it but, I would love to have a true native 3D modeler app that I could use on my iPad Pro.


I like fusion360 as well (whenever it works, and doesn’t get bricked by an update :slight_smile: )

So actually we will improve our surfacing tools. Btw, have you checked out the freeform surface tool?


I did checked the freeform surface tool.

It’s an interesting tool that can be useful for some quick concept modeling explorations but is not a replacement for the duet wireframe+surface.

Look forward for the improvements that you are planning to add to Shapr3D :slight_smile:


convert 3d images made on shapr3d into 2d black and white line/stick drawings at angles of the users choosing

basically a high quality screen capture option that turns the outline of a sketch into a black and white line drawing.

This would be an essential perk for any designer who is familiar with patent law.


Fun fact: nobody asked for that feature until a week ago, and now you are the second one in a week who is asking for this. This is really interesting, because this means that people are using Shapr more extensively in their workflow than we expected, and this is amazing :slight_smile:
We will put this on the roadmap.


Rectangles for me too - with all the new constraint features it will be easier to get there, but would be even better if there was a tool for it.


Decided to support the cause. As yours was the only iPad solution I successfully made the model I was trying to make on. I still find some things awkward but I’ll save those for later.

  1. Ability to name projects in the project view

  2. Ability to duplicate projects

  3. Ability to store a couple of notes with a project. Just plain text.

  4. A view only mode / presentation

  5. Zoom to extents


Looking forward to more fun.



1, 2, 3.: after the 2.0 release (4-5 weeks) we will improve workspace handling. This definitely has to be done.
4. Can you explain how would you use it? It would help in the implementation.
5. Oh, yes, camera handling has to be improved. Eg. we should speed up zooming out when the user pinches quickly.

  1. If I am presenting a render to a group as a WIP, I’d like to be able to prevent adding extra lines or deleting objects when scrolling around.


I like the idea of a presentation mode. This could be really useful. Imagine you a meeting and access to a huge TV + Apple TV and you can talk about the designs. That would be nice!

That way you could use Shapr3D to start modeling and everybody could comment while modeling. So a switch for a presentation mode would be nice. Guess there is some room for this feature :wink:




Nice. But to be honest we have seen tons of “super simple 3d modeling” tools, like TinkerCAD, or Gravity Sketch. There are always two problems with these tools:

  1. Overly simple
  2. Lack of ability to move to level 2

There are two hard things in 3d modeling:

  1. Learning the tool
  2. 3d modeling itself
    I think we are doing a pretty decent job in eliminating the 1. problem, but the second one is still there, and requires practice and/or a special mindset to learn modeling. I have seen people with no 3d modeling experience using Shapr3D and creating amazing things, and Shapr3D is the only easy to use, yet professional 3d modeling tool on the market. And we just launched it :slight_smile: Long way to go.


Ability to reorient something along the x,y,z axis if it gets moved accidentally and you aren’t aware. I must have ever so slightly moved something and didn’t realize it. I could never get it to rotate back exactly along the x axis. Was always off by the slightest amount.

Had mentioned this one in a PM. A way of resizing based on a single dimension (x, y or z) and the other dimensions increasing proportionately.

Ability to group objects and move the grouping as a single object without unioning everything.




Ability to group objects is already there… And you can move them without unioning everything.