Any feature ideas?


The created two cylinders are separate objects (despite they have the same color, that’s quite lame), you can use the boolean tools to fuse/subtract them.

I see what you expect from the first screenshot. That circle should not even appear, because in the current concept you can sketch on faces. The curves you sketch on faces should be trimmed by the faces boundaries. The first case could be solved simply with snapping (to the center of rounded faces), without constraints.

I am not sure what you mean by construction plane, would you like to move the grid to that plane? Because that will be included in the next release with the orthogonal views.


How about combine pen down and finger to pop up a contextual menu for constraint choice.
Axis would be through two points or click on a cylinder face or edge. Then use the axis for placing a construction plane.


In the next release you will be able to select views (top/bottom/right etc.) or any plane by double tapping on it, and the camera will move to ortho view, and the grid will move to that plane. If there will be need for advanced contruction plane creation, then we will be able to add it later.


Yes, grid on plane will work.
Sorry, too much parametric modeling use is affecting my request. This is so fluid and I love it. I just need to understand how to apply more rigid constraint control in this UI.


Yeah, we will have to put lots of work in positioning, especially on snapping. We already implemented lots of stuff in snapping, but the visual feedback on those are so poor, that it can be really hard to figure out what is happening in snapping.


I use dropbox for online storage. I can upload an stl file from Shapr3d to dropbox and then into other apps, but I cannot download a file from dropbox into Shapr3d. Could this be made possible?


You can not import STL files, only STEP and IGES. STL is supported only for exporting.

Edit: but you should be able to open STEP/IGES files from Dropbox.


I think @awoodhead question was about adding STL as an import along with STEP and IGES. I take from your answer that you have no plans to do that correct? Also,a similar request I had asked earlier but never got a response. Do you have any plans to add SVG to the import file list? I use this ability in 123D and it would be nice to have that ability in Shapr3D.

BTW I am loving using Shapr3D and looking forward to fridays additions that you mentioned. Thanks for all your efforts.:smile:


No, unfortunately it is not possible to support STL import with Shapr.

We are very happy you like it :slightly_smiling:


But what about SVG as a sketch and/or solid?


Maybe later. But not in the next few weeks.

  • [ ] Fillet in sketch mode
  • [ ] Split objects with a surface
  • [ ] Pattern tools
  • [ ] Need to be able to extrude a line on a solid object
  • [ ] Move tool with adjustable center point for off center rotation movement


I think these are good suggestions.
Being able to extrude a line would be great as would splitting an object with a plane. I also like the idea of being able to move the pivot point for a rotation. But need to keep the interface simple and avoid too many menus. How about a modifyer button on left of screen. Could hold thumb on modifyer button as you use the pen. Click on an edge unmodified to extrude, with modifyer to fillet. Modifyer button could be used with other tools as well - anyway just a thought - am really enjoying using shapr3d!


[ ] Fillet in sketch mode
You want to fillet two edges? Yes, we will need some more advanced curve editing tools definitely.

[ ] Split objects with a surface
Yes, this one is on the roadmap.

[ ] Pattern tools
Yes, this is on the roadmap too.

[ ] Need to be able to extrude a line on a solid object
You mean a sketch on a face? Or an edge that connects two faces. The first one wouldn’t be too hard, the second one is not straightforward.

[ ] Move tool with adjustable center point for off center rotation movement
On the roadmap, will be done in the next few weeks.


Yes, fillet two edges or just pick the intersection of the two lines to engage the tool.
Extrude an open line on a surface is what I meant.


Cool, just downloaded 0.2.4. Ok, so here are TWO things that would help greatly:

  1. When drawing curves, we really need a way to re-select the curve to edit control points. There are many times I’m drawing an outline and don’t place the point exactly where I want to and instinctively want to re-select that curve and have the control points (hollow circle) active. Is there any way to do this?

  2. Another curve drawing request: I’m finding it hard to tell whether I’m drawing a line VS a circle (In REGULAR draw mode). Here’s a suggestion - how bout employing a finger (left hand thumb) tap to SWITCH between drawing a line and a circle?

  3. I’m still finding I’m pressing rather hard to get that first click down. Can you give us an editable pressure-curve, like how Procreate does, to control the pressure being applied? I feel like I’m going to poke through the glass screen. :wink:



Hi Steve,

  1. Yes, editing curves is the next step. We are going to make this in the upcoming days.
  2. We will give better visual feedback on circle/line. But we don’t want a toggle between line/circle mode. Better visual feedback will help a lot, and you can easily switch between line/arc by shaking the tip of the pencil during drawing.
  3. Can you send a picture of how you hold the pencil? It would be very helpful, so we could fine tune the algorithm.


Hi Istvan,

I just sent you an eMail with a short Quicktime video.

Thanks for letting me know about shaking the tip of the stylus, i can easily switch between line and circle now!

Looking forward to curve editing. Also, is it beyond the realm of possibility to do dynamic booleans/cuts? For example, I draw a circle on a face and poke it through. Can I then reselect that circle and move/size and have the cut update?



I will just copy/paste my answer here.

To be able to change the radius of the cylinder you created we would need to have a feature history, and that would make things very complicated :frowning: Another solution would be to have an offset face tool, that you could use to make advanced modifications on your shape, that’s something that we will have in a few months. Until that you can drag the face of the cylinder to achieve something similar, actually in many cases it has the same effect.


Just one thought based on making a few models over the last couple of weeks - when you double tap on a surface to go into the orthoganal view, it would be helpful if the grid could show on the surface you have double tapped. This would make it easier to draw on the surface in a precise way. Many thanks. Andy