Disable tool-tips and video suggestions on iPad


I am unable to find a way to disable the tool tips with tutorial suggestions on the iPad app.

I have been a paying customer for a couple of months, but still the app informs me that, for example: “Spline. Create a spline by drawing a line and pressing down with your Apple Pencil to create control points along it” - along with a thumbnail of a tutorial video, each and every time I select the tool.

The option to Send Usage Data under “Data settings” was turned off when I started using the app. There is a text there that says that if I enable “Send Usage Data” that “we can learn what tutorials you prefer”. Well, I enabled it for a period, and watched the videos, but they still appear all the time.

The feature uses up screen space and is, for me, calls for attention that are distracting when using the app.

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We’ve just fixed this, and it will be released in a few weeks. You will be able to turn off the tips.