How to get rid of tutorial videos?

Ive gotta be missing something… I’m only using an 11” iPad Pro so the screen space is valuable and seeing the same tutorial permanently plastered at the top all the time is a bit distracting. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Mike, there is an X in the upper corner to close these tutorials.

I know how to close the tutorial once its started, how do i get rid of the box at the top of the screen that tells me there is a tutorial for something? I don’t see an X on that

Mike, I apologize for misunderstanding your question. Would you please send a screenshot of what you are describing. I’ve attached a screenshot of my screen, after having opened a training video and closing it.

Once you click Sketch every tool shows a tutorial pop up

Mike,ok. Now I think I get it. Are you concerned about this little window at the top, circled in red, or the video that plays if you touch this window?

Yup thats the window… circled in Red, sorry for not having a better explanation of the question.

Yeah, I don’t know how to make that go away. I have a larger iPad, and wasn’t even aware of it, until this. Now it will no doubt bother me…! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, that can’t be removed, and thanks for the feedback. I have passed on your feedback to the product team.
We keep the tips video around as we want users to have as much as possible a hassle-free learning journey when they first start using the app.

Just to add to the confusion, sometimes I ignore them the first time and wish later to have watched them, so if they were to go away and never come back that would be a problem for people who either don’t watch, or don’t remember …

Thanks Victor, I can’t imagine it’s an issue for full size iPad users but on the 11" once you have layers window exposed things get a little tight. I would suggest a simple toggle to turn off hints or something in the settings menu some place? Appreciate the help


Hi, thanks for the suggestion! I will also pass it on to our product team.

I’m back, as I’ve seen positive improvements.

Any chance the layers window could be transparent like the menues, or maybe even movable, to not block too much of workspace.

Something that would also give me a huge kick would be to have a “move-coordinate-pop-up” where the specific coordinate/coordinates could be editable. Instead of drag the arrows I could just enter the specific value/values when marking the center as an alternative to dragging.
Would this be of interest?

Yes, agreed, I’d like an option to shut these off. They also interrupt playback of any video you have playing in a minimized window every time you pick a tool. Annoying if you’re listening to something while working.


Please make this happen!


I would like to have an option to have these pop up or not as some mentioned before.
I find these tutorials useful but the lack of space is bothersome for an 11” iPad.

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I like the idea of a turn off option but would much prefer if each tutorial came with a check off function when you’ve read the pop up enough and don’t need it anymore. I still like them there for functions I’ve yet to become familiar with.

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