Best Tablet for Shaper 3D

S 3D is without question, my go to 3D design software.

But what is the best operating system and tablet?

I currently use a Surface Pro 7… easy to use, convenient to pack, and pretty darn good for small projects.

However, this SP7 Pro gets so HOT! When it is really crunching data… it impossible to hold on too.

Fans are an option, but really bulks up the unit, and USB connection is a battery drain.

What do you think is the best way to go in a 13 inch tablet?

iPad Pro…hands down. My iPad never gets too hot to hold, the pen is superior in everyway to the Surface pen and Shapr3D runs like a dream on it.

BTW, I have an old Surface and I also do IT for the company I work for and support two newer Surface tablets. One of the guys using a Surface just swapped to an iPad Pro and said he will never go back. Everything just runs so smooth on it, it has never crashed or locked up, the battery is superior and it will run circles around even brand new Surface tabs.


6th gen with M2 chip? 512GB. About $1400.00.

That can work. I use apple at work so i’m good with that.

I appreciate the feed back. I was hoping someone would say Apple to me.

Thanks so much!


I agree with @jcclow.
I also have the Apple Magic Keyboard. A nice combination with the iPad Pro!

Ill check that out. Thanks Mike!

I think it’s worth waiting now, because the new serial Ipadpro is coming in the spring. It is worth examining the capabilities of the latest series, and if there is no big difference, then you can choose the 1 Tb version from the current series (it has more RAM, 16 Gb). More RAM can’t hurt😎
I am also waiting for this. Now I use a 3rd generation 12.9 ipad pro (2018!/4Gb RAM /A12x), There is no problem with it when drawing, but if you need to load, for example, a 1 m threaded rod, or to load the ready-made technical drawing that contains a lot of threads, then it’s already thinking hard for up to 20 seconds.

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Yes, M1 iPad Pro user here, threads hurt.

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iPad Pro with Apple Pencil is unbeatable. It just works perfectly and without any hassle.

Do you think 512. Is enough… or 1 TB

I guess 1TB

The storage isn’t that important, it depends on your projects’ size, but only the bigger one comes with the increased memory capacity, which matters more, especially since it cannot be upgraded.

Ok thank you all for your input. 1TB it is.
We have a winner.

I’m guessing there will be a small learning curve between windows and the Apple version of S3D.

I Assume there is no cost to me for switching from one to the other. Just a download and done. Correct?

Yes, just use the same account, so your projects sync between the devices.

Since the UI is mostly unified, the learning curve should be close to 0 :slight_smile: You will find the same tools at the same place.

Apple is doing a big refresh of the Ipad Pro with the 3nm chipset very very soon.
Rumor says a march event.
The current Ipad pro is still a beast though.

Well I pulled the trigger…
12.9. M2 1 TB gray w/ pen On its way.

25th delivery. Very excited.!


Congratulations :smiling_face: That ipad is insanely good.
Regardless of whatever lurks around the corner, next model after that again and every ipad to follow after that ^^