App Crashing when I am opening design

This has happened with two of my designs now. As soon as I open a design and attempt to do anything the entire app shuts down!
I have updated the app + ios + have turned ipad on and off again.

How can I fix this ?

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Hi, @Gendb welcome to forum! Sorry for the experience!
Please can you try extracting the design through iTunes, using a desktop following the steps below, and then send the extracted folder to

  1. Connect your iPad to your desktop, open iTunes.
  2. Click on the tablet icon on the top left
  3. Open the Shapr3D app from the list, also on the left.

Here is a more detailed article on how to go about this

Hi i don’t have a desktop. Only ipad pro

We would really need the design file to investigate the issue and in this case, it’s difficult using only the iPad since the app crashes when you try to do anything.
Can you please try loading the design again and then see if it allows you immediately export the design in Shapr format without attempting to edit the design.

@Gendb Have you tried reinstalling the app? I’ve experienced this issue before and an app reinstall took care of it.

Hi, @Gendb please only re-install the app after you have backed up design all your files(if you can somehow) as deleting the app also deletes all designs since they are saved locally on the device through the app.

@Gendb As previously mentioned, an app reinstall should correct this issue, sounds like something in the app has become corrupt and is not allowing files to load properly.

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Further to Victor’s commentary, you don’t need a Computer. You export each design to iCloud. Be certain to name each design. Then use the Export Icon, choose Shapr3D format, then Save to Files. This will allow you access the files after reinstallation, or if you have two iPads, as I do; one at my shop, and one at home,

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