App Crash!

Help! Can’t open my design. App crashes every time I open it. Other designs are working fine but this particular design takes too long to load and then crashes the app. I have tried restarting my iPad Pro several times. I have a deadline to meet with this project. At least help me retrieving the work done.

Hi, sorry for your troubles. Please send the workspace (in shapr format) to We handle all user workspaces confidentially.

Can you tell me the procedure. I am new to this. :slight_smile:

Using your desktop and iTunes you can export your workspaces. Here is an Apple help article on the topic:

Dear Daniel,
I don’t have a MacBook only old Win10 PC :cry: . I completely rely on my IPad Pro for my work. Is there any other way out? I spent two nights on this project, it is very disappointing that I can’t even retrieve the work done.

Open your file and go to the top left screen and click on the the arrow pointing out. Save your file and the share the file option comes up next … click on the email option for exporting and send to

My explanation isn’t the best but it should work for you for exporting your file?

Disregard what I just scrawled out … I now realize you cannot open your file!!!

My mea culpa…:crazy_face:


PC is also good, you just need an iTunes.



I have exported the workspace using iTunes (don’t know if its shapr format). I can’t open the design in my app to export, so this was the only option. Only thing is now I don’t know what to do with it. :man_shrugging:. Will send the link (file size > 500mb) to shapr team, hope you guys can help.