Are "Bent" Cavities Within a Solid Body Possible?


I’m not able to figure out if it’s possible to create cavities with 90 degree corners within a solid body. More specifically, I’m trying to create a simple pump with four unrestricted intake/discharge ports that feed from the pumping chamber into hose-like cavities within a mono block housing and where they all turn 90 degrees and exit out of one end of the housing. Ideally I’d also be able to modify each cavity end to match the female part of a quick-connect coupling so those components could also be eliminated.


I’ll try to put something together in Illustrator. Does it help if I were to add, "think of a solid cube with a (piston) cylinder or pumping chamber bored in from one side along its axis and four smaller fluid carrying bores spaced evenly around the pumping chamber on the same axis. The first challenge is to bend the conduits (cavities) 90 degrees to redirect them into the cylinder bore (two near each end). The part that really let’s the magic smoke out of my old noggin is how do I subtract those “bent” cavities from the solid cube.


I’ve made a rough sketch and saved as a pdf but not sure how to paste it in here.


Sample Pump for Shapr3d Forum.pdf (355.8 KB)


I think I should be able to follow that. Thanks a million. Now all I need to do is do it, fit it into my device and put together a crowdfunding presentation so I can make my millions! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s exactly it! Thanks ever so much. It’s a part of a highly simplified, portable/wearable device to intended to replace the conventional hemodialysis treatments and machines that make life miserable and costly for so many. I’ve been so absorbed with getting the patent applications prepared and filed that I’ve never been able to take the time that’s needed to learn this great program - as I need to. This is really, really helpful.