Attempting to export material

I’m trying Shapr3D Version 5.271.0 (4458), and as soon as I completed the first tutorial exercise, I attempted to import and export one STL file. The STL had been created in Cheetah 3D (an organic modeling and animation app) on my Mac. After importing in Shapr3D, I used Export from the File menu to export as OBJ. What I remember is that I imported the OBJ I had just exported from Shapr3D into Cheetah 3D, and observed that the color of the imported object in Cheetah 3D was not the default Cheetah 3D import object color. I checked the materials area and discovered that a material seemed to have been imported as well. I didn’t save the material or the object in Cheetah 3D.

Subsequent attempts to duplicate that procedure have failed in that I’m not able to find any included material when I import to Cheetah 3D. I suspect that either I’ve experienced an incorrect memory, or that there is some part of the procedure in Shapr3D that I executed on the first attempt that I have left out when trying this again, although I’ve tried it several times.

Are there any steps in the Shapr3D export process that might be overlooked or bypassed through inexperience that might have yielded those results? Is there any chance that an update to the version of Shapr3D listed above which I’m currently using changed that export process? I do remember downloading and installing Version 5.271.0 (4458) after initially downloading and installing Shapr3D, but I don’t remember whether it was before or after I executed that first import/export workflow. I did not keep the first instance of my Shapr3D download, which might have allowed me to compare the exported output of that version to what I get now. Thanks.

Hi @Slartibartslow , OBJ files exported from Shapr3D don’t contain material or texture information. The only export format that supports materials is USDZ.

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Thanks, Istvan! My memory is incorrect, then. I can’t stand it when that happens. Oh, well…