I’m sure as you are aware, or now experiencing, the transition from Solidworks to Shapr3D is effortless. As is the transition from Shapr3D to Solidworks…

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Shapr3d still need to go a very long way to become a replacement of any other cad software. But it is reality the shapr3d getting better day by day. I am using solidworks for all my cad modelling and it is very robust software with thousands of tools. I am continously using shapr3d to get use to with it. So that i will use it in parallel with solidworks.

What do you miss the most?

I don’t believe in that far away distance Shapr3D is from flagship desktop CADs Zeeshan believes but it’s true that some basic features of any desktop CAD are missing in Shapr3D as requested previously including:
Technical drawings,
Diameter-based circle sketching along with the choice of radius-based one,
Polygon primitives,
Split body,
Static in place sketching (locked-by-default sketches and unlock by selecting instead of locking by selecting) this is causing most uncertainties in complex sketches not to be splashed by some parametric changes for example angle or length changing,
Select all or limited-selection (task of the mouse in desktop apps),
Lock-view option (as is diverged by unwanted uninformed touches, sth that’s not present in desktop apps as they are not touched regularly)
In-app copy/paste

Those are some BASIC features Shapr3D lacks I can remember at the moment and some more newly added desktop CADs features including:
Any arbitrary cross-section monitoring,
STL importing and editing options,

It should be stated that we know the team is working on some of those aforementioned issues


The thing i am missing most right now is the possibilty of guide curves in loft tool. Secondly the patterning tool.