Need a little help migrating my workflow from Solidworks

UPDATE: drawings are finally here: 4.0 - 2D drawings + new pricing

I have been learning Solidworks in my spare time for about a year now, but I cant use the student edition for work, and the Pro version is laughably out of my price range.

So I ended up discovering Shapr3D and just fell into it, I cant believe how intuitive it is, it blows my mind. I really want to migrate over to Shapr3D, but Im missing a couple of things that I relied on in Solidworks.

  1. Being able to create technical drawings (I know this is in beta and due to release soon.)

  2. Being able to make proper assemblies. (I also know this is being worked on, and will hopefully be released or at-least in beta by the end of this year if not sooner.)

  3. Equivalent to the “Feature Manager” in solidworks. Is there a similar feature in Shapr3D that im just missing? if not, is it at-least planned for the future? For those not familiar, the “Feature Manager” is a list of every feature, or body you have created with its associated sketch nested inside it. It makes it really easy to go back and edit things.

  4. Construction lines and shapes. In Solidworks you can easily create sketches that are “for construction” so you can use them to make guides or align things, but they wont interfere with creating a feature. I cant find how to do this in Shapr3D.