What Tool can I use to make these?

Someone PEC gave me a video to help me make something, I am trying to make it myself, and i attached a screenshot from his video however what tool do I use to make these curved peanut shaped things in Sketch?

Also I need to put them on a different plane, to raise it and also make guide lines to circles on different levels, so I do not know how to make the guide lines either, to make the whole area there loft into a Raised port for a vacuum hose… can I get some help?

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You can use the ‘spline’ tool to make the ‘peanut’ shapes.

For each shape that needs to be on another level simply create the shape then use ‘transform’ to place it at the desired level.

You can simply loft between the profiles but for a more accurate loft then a guided loft is the way to go.
Guide lines will need to intersect each profile for the guided loft to work properly.

Do you have an example or video showing how to use as plain Jwlr make that peanut because I couldn’t get it to work

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When performing a guided loft you can select the faces along with the guide lines then use the loft tool.

However, to demonstrate the difference between a simple loft and a guided loft, I lofted first between the two faces and then selected the guide lines.

Hope this helps.

Wow! I’m on my phone now can you send me the video I save them all so I can go back to them can I message you my email?

You tube won’t let me download unless I pay…

How did you measure out a perfect peanut shape is what I’m after wow, ok I see now small same measurements…

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I’d like to be able to send by email but the files exceed the upload limit so I’m unable to.

I could use drop box to send the larger files but my drop box and my apple cloud storage are full and I don’t want to pay more for additional storage :frowning:

Here’s a bonus video though…

In this video I demonstrate how to create guidelines that don’t fall on the standard view planes.

I simply created a construction plane to span the intersections I first created with the short lines.

I then sketched a random spline to create some wrinkles in the model just to show how powerful guided lofts can be.

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Thanks, I am still trying to get that peanut shape, it’s not working out for me, I am on a Mac and not iPad so i wonder if that’s why…

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I’m using a MacBook Air M1 and using the spline tool set to ‘fit’ mode.