BETA version stopped working

Hello, I was using your BETA but it has now stopped working without any notice, causing me to lose files without a chance to export them out. The link I was given was

Please download Testflight (the official Apple beta testing app), then click on this link to download Shapr3D Beta: TestFlight - Apple

Has something happened. Can it be extended so I can access my files?

Hey Andrew - wrote you an email. We have a few ideas how we can solve the issue. Sorry about the experience.

Thanks Daniel, love the software this was a bit unexpected looking forward to getting the BETA back or being able to export out the files.

Team Shapr3D solved this in less than 1 hour, you are seriously the best design software on the planet!!!



So far, Shapr3D customer service as well as interaction in the forums is the best I’ve ever experienced from any business.

It never fails to impress me how quickly a member of the Shapr3D team respond to comments, question and suggestions.