Big screen

Questione one: Is there a possibillity to get big scrreen on a 55 thumb sized TV screen for demos beeing done, if not could be a HTML5 supported webb streaming solution implemented to be fast enough to mirror ipad vi HTMI ipad cable or apple TV connection, running on internal processor, which now has limited horizontal solution with black side areas not beeing used?

Technical it works with streaming webbsites like

Question two: Is it possible to export dimensioned parameters on model as transformed Dimensions to drawing file standards like DWG or Drafting in Catia, this would save time to rconstruate internal DIMENSION creation, and does automatical dimensioning work when exported 3D model with Paremetric dimensioning arrives in CATIA V5? Kindly Curious Hans with many years oft test of file transfer experiance in VOLVO Cars Tranfes_Standardisation projects, and CAD-Standard transfere checking programs. (Step format includes all normally anything follows with step models according step standardisation, does SHAPR3D support all STEP standards? if not what format transfere should be used …if you do not like complexity in IGES!


  1. you can stream your screen to Apple TV, or with any screen sharing/conferencing tool like
  2. not YET :slight_smile:

We fully support the latest STEP standard and IGES, but STEP is preferred over IGES always.

Yeah i succeded, but still Firefox will send cut part of TV screen area, but not whole for SHAPR3D, so still other Pads are covering the screen but not IPad. The only way is creating a screen video, send it to ICloud and play it through IPad on TV screen Thatcher will cover the whole screen more, may be being preparerade in a video administration program.