1:1 screen scaling possibility?

I sometimes want to iterate on a small object that I am designing where i want to ‘lay’ the object on my ipad screen to check for proportions (especially for curved edges etc). Or it could be an object that I am designed a part to cover or fit to.

In so doing, I would love an option for Shapr to scale the screen to exactly 1:1 (e.g. true life size) for the ipad I am using. Give me a ‘calibration’ ruler to lay a real scale against to set 1:1 — no need for you to preset 1:1 for all the screens in the world or generations of iPads or external screens.

Now obviously, this is not useful for larger or tiny scale objects, and only useful for objects that lay ‘flat’ on a screen. It is useful for visualization a 3D object in general though, and with the AR tools you have, would seem a subset of scaling for the real world (in this case the front surface of the ipad is the object to scale to).

The specific case I was working on recently is a special ‘case’ for attaching my iPhone 13 to an astronomy wedge for equatorial alignment (rough alignment actually) and I wanted to scale the fit for my Shapr design to my specific iPhone (with its case on). I placed the iPhone on the screen and eyeballed scaling but I am sure I was off by a few %.


I can imagine a design world where an external flat screen is used horizontally to design on and a 1:1 mode is aesthetically ‘comfortable’ to be working in.


Interesting idea! Thanks for sharing.




Shapr forums have been a great place for suggestion iterative improvements and the team has been very receptive…thanks!

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