Constraints can’t be added

I try to set horizontal constraints on the two lines in the sketch that form the top and bottom of a rectangle. The option is offered on selection, but pressing the button yields no results.

In general i find i often struggle to add constraints, especially when objects already have incidental constraints sich a an given start point. I then can’t set eg length and horizontal/vertical. I can usually work around this by creating free lines, constrain them, and drag them. But that’s cumbersome. fan-holder.shapr (1.0 MB)

In the same sketch I find I can’t move labels such as the 120mm length labels. This is a nuisance when sketching around them. Some are movable. Some aren’t. Trying to move them makes things flicker, but that’s it.

Can you share a screenshot where the horizontal + vertical issue is? I can’t seem to find it in your workspace.

Also, in the workspace there are many lines that are duplicate. If I delete a line (like the 120mm long), there is another one “below” it. That is definitely not ideal, it can mess up your entire workspace. Plus you think you are editing a line (120mm), but you are only editing one of them, and the other will just stay there below it.

So I recommend to delete the extra lines or start the sketch again in a new, clean workspace.


I selected the relevant edges.

The double edges are not deliberate. How can I identify them?

I selected the bottom edge, tapped horizontal and it became horizontal. There were no issues. Can you record a video what the problem is?

Unfortunately you can’t easily identify double edges. You have to delete lines one by one and press undo if you delete something you didn’t want to (not duplicates).

I see that you have a lot of constraints that you eventually don’t even need. You might want to reduce the number of constraints you use. It can really decrease the number of errors and problems you can run into.

It worked for me now, too, after I downloaded & reopened the file. My real piece is progressed.

Which constraints do you mean? I’m aware that I could remove quite a few after eg locking points. Like the horizontal/vertical ones. Is that what you mean?

Yes. Or if you set lines to be equal, and don’t plan to change the length in the future, you don’t need those constraints either.

You set 1 line to be 120mm. 3 lines to be equal to that. 4 lines will be 120mm equal. If you delete the equal constraint, they will stay 120mm if you don’t change the sketch.

But that’s just an extra. Try to delete the extra lines. That is causing most of the problems I think.

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