Brush complication

I’m a bit stuck on creating a brush. I saw the video for screw and tried to use revolve or transform etc but didn’t seem to be anything close to what it would be. The actual brushes can be less but I can’t seem to find a way. Please help


Are the bristles implanted into a spiral groove? If so, you can create the channel just like the screw. Populating the bristles maybe a challenge however?

I would implant the bristles in a number of parallel annular grooved slots. The bristles could radiate from the center. Do a few bristles, then copy and rotate. Now copy all these and rotate, etc until circumference populated. Then copy over the populated groove and shift along the brush and rotate it so the bristles don’t line up. Etc.

Hope this helps…



Hmmm … with that many brushes I had to cut it around 36,000 x 120 times so when subtracting it from the cutting wedge it just takes forever. Any workaround there?

Ok Seems like each bristle goes into a hole… you can cut down the work by having the bristle be one piece and go through the center and later subtract out the center section. You really would not have to do very many. Draw 1, copy & rotate (now have 4 bristles) ; so repeat now 8; 16, 32, 64, 128, etc…

I have an all day Board meeting today, but may give it a try tonite…



Thanks. this method taking a bit longer initially so I’m still working on it. will update you once I get it through!