Bug report - iPad - edge measurements in 3D select

Hi again, there is a new bug with edge length reporting on the iPad. I haven’t been able to reliably recreate it, but it seems like either one of two things: if you take an object with an original set length and then extend or union extrude a face to make a new dimension any selected edge on the new length will show on the ruler in the info panel at the bottom of the screen as the original length. OR it is simply misreporting the length for some other reason. Either way, the ruler is misreporting the length of single edges, meanwhile if you select the two terminal edges of the shape at either end of the misreported edge, the min distance in the bottom info panel reports the distance correctly.

Same problem on a 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 inch. First noticed after 4.6 upgrade.

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I also have encountered the same bug, and i think your description of the error is accurate. The original edge length seems to be what shapr kicks back, even if the body has since changed

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I noticed this as well.

On it, thanks for reporting the issue.


Just in case you weren’t already aware (I’m sure you are now) this issue affects all of the dimensional reporting including volume and area. Looking forward to the update later this week.