Bug Report macOS Beta Version 3.56.1 (665)


The orientation gets confused when Shift-Dragging to move around a model after having selected a face on the Orientation Cube.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Double-click orientation cube to “reset” orientation.
  • Shift-Drag around and notice it works intuitively.
  • Double click “Front” face on the Orientation cube.
  • Shift-Drag around and notice the behavior is now totally different.
  • Must double click Orientation cube to restore expected behavior.

P.S.: New user so I can’t submit attachments yet.

Hi @droussel!

I’ve tried to reproduce the issue with the listed steps, but don’t see the problem.

Could you make a video, and upload to dropbox, google drive or youtube, and share the link? You can post links :slight_smile:

You can also send the link directly to me at laszlo.korodi@shapr3d.com


Just wanted to let you know that I updated to the latest version of the beta and this issue seems to now be fixed. :crossed_fingers:

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