Bug?the problem of direction

after double click,That is not the direction I want.https://global.discourse-cdn.com/business7/uploads/shapr3d/original/2X/d/d00d26a41dc5e826968a6a262902961b5189ee3f.MP4

You mean that the camera rotation is annoying after coming out from the ortho mode?

You tap on the gray rectangle and it comes up, that’s a right behavior I think, what were you expecting so?!

thanks for reply!i am sorry for my english is not well,i come from china,
my problem is before double click,when i move left or right,the camera rotation is right,after double click,the camera rotation not right for me when i move left or right,just move left or right ,the up or down is ok,i want my rotation like before double click,is that my misstake for setup?
i upload the video before i double click here,thanks a lot!

Aha! I got what you mean! No! No problem on your shoulders! Shapr3D as a viewer , rather than a 3D modeling app, is not a good app unfortunately!

you mean here?i find after double click,if i want the right rotation,just click the blue button,it will fine again,that means after double click,i need to click the blue button again and again。。。

i think this is a good app for me,they kown what i want,maybe the app need to improve。

I think the problem is that the camera orientation changes, and the rotation axis of the camera will not point up anymore.

If you double tap on the cube, it will reset the camera.

Shapr3D has revolutionized 3D modeling CAD systems I believe. But this has nothing to do with Shapr3D as a viewer. The very first version of it, was very poor as a viewer, it had many improvements over its recent releases but it needs more. You should place your finger a bit left and a bit right with respect to the original location of your finger before double tapping on the rectangle currently that’s the remedy, or double tapping on the cube which is not a favorable solution, somewhat exhaustive.

thanks for your attention!

thanks for your reply,double tap the cube that solve my problem,thank you very much!

thanks again,the problem solved😊

I’ve prepared two vids for you as a remedy. To me, double tapping on the cube is boring and interrupting when you are focused and should do it repeatedly. instead I use the strategy shown below. Pay attention to the location of my finger(s) (red dots), when I try to rotate the model before and after double tapping.
Good luck.

Before double tapping:

After double tapping:

thanks a lot,you are very nice!

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You’re certainly welcome!