Section View - Unexpected Occurrences

This Design is a ‘work in progress’ and inadvertently Section View [SV] was ‘touched’
with this result:

This SV had not been ‘set up’, i.e., an appropriate Face or Plane had not been Tapped beforehand.
A Construction Plane [CP] had been created but along with the Fan Blades resides in a Folder that was/is inside the ‘Fan’ Folder shown in the image above.
There is absolutely no doubt that activating a Face or Plane could not be done without opening two Folders.
My MO is to Hide CP(s) when they are not being used.
Every time the SV was activated the Fan Blade Section displayed, on deactivation the View returned to:

During an ‘admin’ session tidying up/renaming/ordering of Files and Folders took place.
After this event activating the SV caused the entire Design to disappear completely.
Hiding All Items, bar one, returned the same outcome in that the selection disappeared. This proved to be the case with every item selected one at a time.

Working in the Fan Folder and opening the Fan Blades Folder the CP, originally used to keep the Blades separate from the Disc, was Deleted.
Clicking SV the Fan Blades remained visible, cracked it? Every thing set back to normal.
Clicked SV and again the entire Design disappears.

Selecting/highlighting individually the list of Items and Exporting was performed in an attempt to ‘lose’ the problem ingredient. No such luck.

Other Designs on the same iPad are not displaying this unexpected outcome.


  1. During the latter process does the entire File get Exported [i.e., is there any point in doing this]?
  2. Is it possible that, in this case, something Offset from the YZ Plane could be influencing this situation?

I will be sending the shapr. File to S3D Support for investigation, referencing this Post.

Hi Gelphyn, we have received your workspace and thanks for sending it over to us. I will be responding to your request via email. Thanks for your patience.