Business Subscription vs Pro Subscription

Tldr: What’s the difference between Business Subscription and Pro Subscription?

According to the pricing page (at least, as of June 2022, archiving for reference in case it changes!) there isn’t a business tier - only Basic, Pro, and Teams.

However, for my subscription plan (picture below) I’m on a Business Subscription which is $650 CAD yearly, where Pro is only $300 CAD. As best as I can tell, Teams is just Pro with account provisioning which I don’t seem to be able to use anyway.

My overall question is the difference between Business and Pro. I’d also like to know if the Business subscription has been removed, and if it’d be possible to get a refund or coupon :sweat_smile: I love Shapr and will happily continue using it, but def want to figure out what’s up with billing.



The difference between the Pro and the Business tier is that with the Business option you’ll get priority support and a dedicated Customer Success manager who can help with your modeling challenges. You can subscribe to the Business option from the app store only. Your case is a bit special, as you are a loyal customer of Shapr3D. We so-called grandfathered the price for you, meaning you get the most exclusive package at the original price you subscribed to. We keep this grandfathered logic for all of our loyal users with continuous subscriptions.

At the time of the pricing change every active user received a notification via email about the changes, it’s possible that your email went to spam. Let us know if you have further questions!