Subscription issues

I’ve been a business subscriber for years now. Recently, you changed your subscription model and increased the prices on the business tier — fine. My current subscription period does not expire until next march, but after a recent software update the app is suddenly harassing me to “upgrade” to the standard plan in order to access more than two of my designs. As you can imagine, it’s quite frustrating. Can someone help fix this, please?

Hi! Could you please update Shapr3D to the latest, 4.10 version and log in to your Shapr3D account to have access to the paid features?

The log-in window can be found in the Settings tab of Shapr3D if you are from an iPad, or under the Preferences menu if you are from a macOS machine.


We did not change the price for you. You are on the same price as you were before.

I understand and appreciate that; my concern was more with the fact that I was no longer able to use the advanced features that are part of my existing subscription, and was being prompted to “upgrade” as my only recourse. It wasn’t obvious from the prompt that I could log back into the app within the settings panel.

No, that’s not the case, you are probably signed out from the app. You have been grandfathered on the old price, and should have access to all the features. If that’s not the case, please check if you are logged in, or contact and we will help you resolve the issue.