I should never have to use a calculator

I have been using Shapr3D since last November. While it has improved immensely, it still falls short in the one thing that really matters. I have to constantly use a calculator to work out dimensions because the tools to construct with are too limited and only work from one reference point. The big one is circles. Why in the name of all that is holy is radius the only way to define a circle? You do know we are doing 3D modeling and holes are a big thing? Right? Holes are defined by their diameter. So since I can only define it by its radius I need to pull out my calculator to divide the diameter in half. This is beyond stupid and I thought a practice that had gone away in the 90s.

So let me state this. If a calculation needs to be done manually outside of Shapr3D, then you are not done with that function. Apply that to all the functions to create and modify elements in Shapr3D and you will have a much better and easier to use product. I paid for a year of the pro subscription in the hopes that you would figure this out, but you haven’t. I won’t be renewing if I don’t get a positive response to this. I know this may seem out of left field and my tone isn’t exactly the best, but it’s just the way I am.