Cam feature

Are there any plans to integrate Shapr with a cam package. If not, what free cam packages are out there

Tanker 21b

Please could you explain what a Cam Package consists of.

S3D would be able handle almost any type of Cam creation.

This Thread is about Circular Cams:

Hi Gelphyn,
Once I have created a model in Shapr, if I want to machine the model on a cnc machine I have to provide the machine with cutter path information so, material/cutter size/spindle speed/feed rate/cutting direction depth of cut on each pass etc.
I am planning to build my own cnc machine over the next 12 months and the cad is sorted through Shapr, the next step is to see what free cam packages there are as cam is the next process before cnc. I am no expert hence the question to the forum as someone somewhere must have already gone down this route bearing in mind I am a hobbyist hence the cost of software etc as CAM can be generally very expensive!


Tanker 21B

Is it correct to say that you need Data, generated by a Cam Design in S3D, to feed to a CNC Machine?
If the above is correct you will find a lot of information by entering CNC into the Forum Search [Magnifying Glass] at the top right of every Forum page.

My knowledge is insufficient to direct you accurately, but while you are sifting through the information someone else may chip in with more information.

Hi @Tanker, we don’t have any CAM integration yet, but models from Shapr3D can be exported to any CAD program. Fusion360’s CAM is pretty cool for example.

Thanks Guys,
Will have a look at Fusion 360. Gelphyn the CAM software}e generates the G code to run CNC,