How can I control length of extrusion afterwards?

So I am making this glow stick case (long story lol) and I’m trying to change the length of the parts I already made.
However as you can see from the picture the number is different and only refers to the length of the subtraction, that would be fine if the final part was easier to calculate because I’m having trouble measuring that too.

Am I doing the flow wrong, where I should first do the box, the inside substraction, adapt the size, and then add the chamfer/fillet when I don’t have any more changes to make?

That’s where history is very handy. You can select the extrusion to filter history to only the steps pertaining to it and then edit the Extrusion step’s distance.

To compound on what @TheBum is saying. Shapr takes measurements from easily attainable features, in this particular case it’s very difficult for it to get a measurement from the filet side of things to compare to the highlighted flat face. Damn curves and their sexy but hard to measure nature haha

When you first modeled this I’m assuming you started with a basic box. If you select the object and go back to that particular extrusion in the history panel, you can set the overall length like in the second photo. Same for your cut extrude feature.

If this is a legacy model, ie pre-HBPM update. If you double tap/click the body to select the entire thing, in the measurement box at the bottom of the screen it will give you X,Y,Z measurements. The one corresponding the the side you’re trying to measure is the total distance.

To change it, figure out the difference of the distance you want it to be, and add that amount to what’s there. Shapr’s input box for changing measurements is nice that it has a basic calculator function. So you can just click the measurement and the + on the right side and input the difference and it will set it for you.