Can I get full functionality back to my file

I recently exported a copy of a part from a main file to start a new file, it copied fine. When I try to cut or sever the part in half it refuses to. I did not notice the format I copied, so can I reexport it to a new file as a Shapr3D file and get the full functionality back and recopy it back. Or is it easier to just delete the part and go back to the main file and export it as a Shapr3D file.

Hey, I am sorry to hear that. What happens exactly?

I can remove half the width of the thickness, then it starts to diminish the thickness removed with each attempt to remove. Then after it gets to the very end of the cut it refuses to cut it in half, an error shows up and states operation can not be accomplished. Is there a way to tell what format I used to import to the new file.

Hello, the filetype can be checked in the iPad Files app if you know where was it saved. In Shapr you will see it as an imported object.
Can you please upload some screenshots or the whole workspace you have the problem with to help find a solution? If it better for you, we are happy to see those at

Very informative and useful article for beginners.