Can I link a sketch to its 3d feature?

In Solidworks, if I want to change a 3d feature (extrusion, cut, array of holes etc.) which is based on a sketch, I simply edit the underlying sketch. All the symmetries and new dimensions of the sketch are immediately reflected in the 3d model.

Are there any plans to implement this in Shapr3D?

solidwork parametric CAD, meanwhile Shapr3d direct modeling CAD

Does this mean that after we carefully set relations in a sketch all that work is wasted as soon as we extrude the sketch because those relations don’t carry over to the solid body?

I’m new to Shapr3d, so perhaps I’m missing some way of re-setting those relations in the solid body?

For instance, say we want a flat rectangular plate with a hole in the middle. After we extrude and fillet it or add some other features like a thread in the hole, we decide to widen the plate.

Is the only way to keep the hole centred to use the undo button?

Widen both side simultaneous and it will stay senter . You can also move the hole by selecting it and use the moove tool.

I often just delete sketches right after I extruded.

Right, after solid body created from the sketch, there is no connection between them anymore, if you change dimension of the sketch, the solid body would not change

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Thank you both for your help.

The Shapr3D UI is excellent but I guess I’ll go back to Onshape which is more of an engineering design tool and plays well with Solidworks.

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Fusion360 also great tool for engineering…sharp3d is intuitive, portable, fast idea realization, you can do it anywhere, anytime… Sharp3d + Fusion360, great collabs

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