Can I Save all info after using visualisation tool

Hello, so Ive been trying to figure how to save my 3D CREATIONS after using the visualisation tool and all the great textures. But I have even been able to save a send a file with any color let alone the awesome textures within visualisation. I’m I just not doing something right or how do I save and export my 3D CREATIONS with color and visualisation textures? Thanks


Currently only the .shapr format contains all the information, including drawings and visualization / textures.

Ok thx and will I be able to save and export in a GLB file once we are able to save are visualisation version?

I was wondering if there were plans for a client viewer so that you can send your .shapr files to anyone who has installed it. Fusion 360 does that, so great for clients to be able to carry around the work your doing for them and show it around in 3D space rather than just photos. Absolutely no options to mess with the file, purely a viewer that allows infinite looks plus screenshots. This protects your IP from meddling and theft, and it’s a great calling card for selling the software.

@POB714 Supporting export formats from Visualization is on our roadmap but further down the road, we have some more fundamental features to take care of first.

@Hammerhand we are exploring options for having a viewer, but no active work on that yet.

Can I second that. I would like to be able to save a new color for a given material. A user Color/material BIN is a must. So it flows with the app and feature instead of getting in the way. Right now I only have 3 materials I can change keep at one time. Not nearly enough. I can see creating 20-50 different color schemes that I would love to save.