Exporting Visualizations

Hi Everyone,
I’ve been using Shapr3D for a few years now but I’m new to the 3d/cad drawing using any other software. I’m using the Beta software to add visualisations to my drawings but If I export them in obj or any other file I’m presuming they don’t have the visualisations attached? When you add the visualisations you can only take photos. Not using any other software I don’t know how it works but ideally my intention is to add visualisations and then display them on my website as 3d files. Ideally in GLTF file but I don’t think this is possible either yet??

Thanks for any help


Exporting with Visualization only works with the .shapr format right now.

You can also easily make screen recordings as you manipulate the model in 3D space. I’m finding this a good way to get a clients interest. On an iPad it’s fairly simple to edit out sections of footage that aren’t smooth or interesting.

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