Can’t access my sketches without signing up


I just updated to the latest version and there is a signup form that is preventing me from accessing my designs. I cannot find how to dismiss it. Is that a bug in the new version?

I just received the 3D printed version of my designs and I needed to go back and compare to see if the flaws were in the printing or in the STL export.
I love that I am able to do my designs without having to register as I already have too many accounts.

I’ll happily go pro if I can avoid signing up.

Hello, please can you send a screenshot or screencast showing the signup form you do not seem to be able to dismiss?

Thank you for sending the screencast. At some point we require that you log into the application to continue using the application. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

So if I remove shapr3d from my iPad and re-install it, i will not need to sign up when I restart it?

How long is the grace period?

Can I become a Pro subscriber without creating an account?

I am willing to delete my designs if that means I don’t have to create the account.

Hi Nico, signing up only means that you have to create a Shapr3D account with your email address, or sign in with an existing Shapr3D account. You can’t sign up for pro without creating an account. May I ask you why you don’t want to create a Shapr3D account?

Just for privacy reason. And mostly that I already have far too many accounts to remember and too many privacy policies to read.

For example the other creation app that i use a lot with the pencil, Linea, doesn’t require me to create an account.

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Basically, I feel like I shouldn’t have to create an account if I’m not using your servers. And even then, i would rather not have to use your server if at all possible.

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