Pro account vanished

Hi, i am a science teacher in high school. We have 3d printing class. I have pro version for teacher but it vanvished. My account should be expired in next January.

I don’t know why. My husband said you guys probably changed free policy. But it should not affect existed user. Anyway, can i restore my accounts.?

Thank you very very much.

Hi, sign out from your account and resign it again. Hopefully problem will solve. Couple days back same done to me. But resigning solve the problem.

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Hi Vivienne - with all the respect to your husband, in this particular case he is wrong :slight_smile: We haven’t changed it, and Shapr3D is still free (and will be free) for education. As @zeeshaninsight said, you may have to sign in and out for some reason. If that doesn’t solve your problem @Victor_Shapr3D will help you.


Thank you Istvan. I was using my husband’s Apple ID for Shapr. Can i update Pro version for this ID? How may i contact Victor? I don’t like to share my info in forum.

Hello Vivienne,
Please send us an email with the details to if you didn’t already send us one. It seems you contacted us via email and I worked on your account to fix the issue. You can get back to me if you still having any issues with the account by simply replying to the email.

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Alright. Many Thanks


You are welcome.

Hey, I have the same problem as described by vivienne. With resigning you mean the apple-id on ipad? I cant find a shapr3d-specific sign out. Thanks in advance.

To log out and log in into the application please open any design, tap on the three lines at the bottom right corner of the screen and select “Account”. Then login with your Shapr3d userId and let me know if the issue persists.

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