Chamfer/Fillet one section of an edge

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I am new to Shapr3D and I am following a brake disc/calliper tutorial from the Shapr3D YouTube channel and I have run into strange issue with the chamfer/fillet tool. I have spent the last hour googling different phrases, terms, and words and have not managed to find an answer.

I am trying to isolate/fillet just one “edge” (section of edge?) from a body, the same way it is done in the video, however instead of just that one “edge” being targeted, the entire loop that the section of edge belongs to is being filleted. Here are some images to hopefully help explain:

In the video they select just the one line/edge at the front, and so I do the same, although instead of just that edge being filleted, the entire loop gets filleted. I have followed the guide/video to a tee and I cannot see any reason for this to be happening. The only difference is they are on an iPad and I am on a Mac and the video is also 1 year old.

Any help would be very greatly appreciated as this has become quite frustrating!

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The short answer is, you can’t.

If there are tangent curves, all tangent curves will be selected.

Can you imagine how it would look if you put a fillet on just one edge? Something like this maybe?

Don’t you think it looks better if all tangent edges have a fillet on them?

Hi @mikeschn,

Thanks for your response.

I get see what you mean about the first image that you attached. I just don’t know why or how the guide I am following seems to have no issue doing it. See this timestamp: 3D Modeling a Disk Brake on iPad - YouTube if you are interested in seeing them do it.

The reason for doing this is it is modelling a brake pad and the fillet is purely for function and not form, hence why I wasn’t using a chamfer or fillet on all sides.

A work around for this I think would be to just create a plane and perform a subtract which I am fine with doing but ultimately I am just curious as to how on earth the original video managed to do it!!



There you go, here I briefly drew the solution.
Sometimes the automation works against us and it gets a bit more complicated :=)



Good work around!

@DanielY I see that they did that chamfer in the video, but I can not reproduce it. I guess like Macher said, automation changed that!

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@Macher Ahh fantastic thank you! What a simple solution that ended up being.

I thought I was going crazy or missing something completely obvious but turns out, as you say, it’s just the automation having it’s own way.

Thanks again

Hi Daniel,
One way to get out of that spot is to draw a small triangle sketch at the side if the brake pad material and sweep it across to delete just that edge and that will give the cut you need.

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Another workaround is , use the split body tool.

Make a construction plane, “trough the edge at angle”
Set the angle as you want.
Select the plane.
Pull down the vario as you need.
And use the split body tool.
In this way, you can dimensioned the chamfer…

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