Major problems with chamfer

I’ve been on this program a lot more than I should have been recently. The chamfer tool is completely unreliable, I spend a lot of time chamfering edges just to have it fail towards the end of a face, with a resulting lack of productivity. The program has crashed several times, and I’ve sent crash reports and models as requested.

In addition, since I expect it to fail, I’ve taken to copying and storing copies of models, which has led to a lot of clutter. Once a model is partially chamfered, you can’t remove the chamfers, or bring the model back to an editable state without undoing multiple steps, some of which might be useful to retain.

I was assuming that I might have had something to do with it myself, since my geometries aren’t the usual neat concentric and rectilinear example that work so well in tutorials, so I worked hard to make clean models. However, I’ve just made a nice clean model, and still it fails. HGow is it possible make the 0.2mm chamfer, then fail to make the chamfer on the next face? Exactly the same geometry.

In addition, unlike the demonstrations, I have to select all the edges myself, usually, since the chamfers are applied only to the selected edges.

Can anyone figure out why this might be happening?

In this specific case, these two vertices are problematic. What would you expect from the chamfer tool to do here?

Can you show me an exmpale where you couldn’t remove the chamfer? I’d be glad to help with that as well.

You can see that I’ve already applied chamfers to the same element to the left, which weren’t problematic. They’re exactly the same geometry

At this resolution they looked like fillets to me. Can you share the design in Shapr3D format? That would help a lot better understanding the issue.

Yes, you’re correct, I got my terminology reversed- it’s fillets I want, and I can make the fillets on the first set of edges, but I can’t repeat them on the others