Can’t import DWG or DXF

Thank you for your patience dear people of the forum, let me share some basic info about the dxf/dwg file transfer with Shapr3D.

If you wish to import a drawing, please pay attention to the supported data types which are lines, polylines, arcs, Bezier curves, circles, and ellipses. Annotations, text elements, and 3d objects are not supported. If text elements are exported as curves, Shapr3D is fine with them but you may end up in letters that are defined by ridiculously lot control points - it depends on the software which one exports from.
Another important case which we face quite often is the drawing is far away from the origin. I mean almost 6-700 meters. Shapr3D scans a 1km^3 volume around the origin for imported data, if the drawing is outside of this volume, it will be considered empty.
Layers are supported if they contain planar objects only, their structure can be transferred too if there is a horizontal distance between each layer. Colors and line types will be converted to Shapr3D standards at this time. If there is more than one object color on a layer, the objects imported onto one layer. When separating by colors is needed, you can use the layer filter tool at the beginning of the import process.

Exporting is another piece of cake. Any sketch from any plane can be exported regardless of the orientation of the sketching plane but that can lead to a lot of incompatibility issues.
The best practice is to move/rotate every sketch to the X-Y plane (which can be seen in the Top view, and perpendicular to the Z-axis) before export. In some software, sketches were not shown even on planes that were offset from the X-Y plane.

Because there are a lot of types of curves used in the CAD world, I cannot guarantee that every software will be able to import flawlessly drawings from Shapr3D, but we try to do our best. If you have any issues, feel free to let us know in the future just as you did in the past :slight_smile:

I hope I could help your Shapr3D workflow a bit,

@Lockpro I have downloaded the Top Plane Test.dxf you have uploaded and there were no issues after opening it in Rhino. There should be some incompatibility issue with DeltaCad and Shapr3D :confused: