Unable to import dwg file

Hello! I want to import dwg format file,but after opening the display of things blank, somtimes prompted"skipped some invalid curve". What is the reason? What do I need to do to properly import dwg files?

Hi there @landiao, welcome to our community!

If you wish to import a drawing, please pay attention to the supported data types which are lines, polylines, arcs, Bezier curves, circles, and ellipses. Please note that annotations, text elements, and 3D objects are not supported in Shapr3D. If text elements are exported as splines and curves, Shapr3D will be able to import them, but beware, as every software differs on how many control points it exports!

Layers are supported if they contain planar objects only, their structure can be transferred too if there is a horizontal distance between each layer. Colors and line types will be converted to Shapr3D standards at this time. If there is more than one object color on a layer, the objects are imported onto one layer. When separating by colors is needed, you can use the layer filter tool at the beginning of the import process.

Because there are a lot of types of curves used in the CAD world, I cannot guarantee that every software will be able to import flawlessly drawings from Shapr3D, but we try to do our best. If you have any issues, feel free to let us know in the future just as you did in the past.

I hope this is helps!


usually, I import the dwg file without any hint, just a blank design page, but I promise it’s just some simple lines, why this still can’t open successfully?