Importing a DWG file

I’m trying to design a wall mount for a small multimedia device. I’d like to import the CAD drawing of the device in to a shapr3d document but it’s not working. Is there any ways to troubleshoot this? The drawing is at the link below.

Hello @sterling! If you wish to import 3d bodies, please use one of the X_T, STEP, IGES formats. In DXF and DWG only 2d elements are supported.


I have tried to import dwg drawings. It does not open. What could be the reason for that? How do i send 4MB dwg to you for investigating? Could not choose from files here.

// kai

Hi @kaiaho,
Please feel free to upload it here, or send us via our support ticket channel

Also please note that we have a few restrictions regarding the supported drawing types. If you have some time, please have a look at this thread:

Done. Than you Peter

Is there going to be a design library with cad objects to pull from here at Shapr3d ?

Thanks, got it!

It is a decently detailed drawing with dozens of layers and unsupported drawing elements. If you open it in Shapr3D, it will take some time to filter all the elements that are not supported, then place all the layers into one sketch plane. If possible, please use simpler drawings :slight_smile:

Thanks Peter. I send message to over-eager designer and ask for just basics please :slight_smile:

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Hello Shapr 3D friends, I think if we can reduce the adjustment points in the line as much as possible, it will be easier to open the dwg, dxf file.