Can’t open file anymore, Only need the shapr built parts

I am working on a project with multiple people over different modelling software using 3D scans. Unfortunately even though each of these scans are only 1-3” big, they are somehow each over 100mb .stl files. Just having each one in the app makes it incredibly slow and any editing to the surface of these objects crashes the app 9/10 times. Now unfortunately I was able to build quite abit without needing to modify the imported .stl files and now the project won’t open in shapr at all. It crashes every time, without even getting in. I can’t figure a way to just get the models I built in shapr outof it, I don’t need any of the mesh files (but it would be great to get afew of them back since they were scaled accordingly).

I have been trying to solve this problem on my own for awhile but there’s no fix that I can come up with or find unfortunately. I haven’t been able to access the file in weeks and the people I’m working with are expecting results from me that I can’t provide until I find a fix. Please help!

(Also if you know how to make an stl file smaller or simplified I would really appreciate it!)

Hi, a detailed scan can easily be over a 100mb :confused: With some desktop applications like MeshMixer it may be possible to reduce the file size, but some details will be lost too.

Can you please contact us at regarding the file issue? We are happy to help you :slight_smile:

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