Problem scaling STL file

I am experiencing an issue while scaling a STL file. Several bodies, a pilot, are in one file. The pilots head and feet I can scale without a problem. The torso just disappears scaling it up or down. Happy new year! and thanks in advance for a reaction!

Interesting and unexpected! Shapr3d isn’t the best with mesh bodies. You could scale it in a slicer program (PrusaSlicer is free) and export the .stl in the size you need.

Hi Bob, thanks for your reply, it’s very strange isn’t! More weird if you see the pilots head having no issues.
Yep, I did it on the slicer. Hope someone can take a look at this anyway.

Hi Donald,
Sometimes when I have trouble with an STL, I will look at it in my slicer. It will “repair” STLs (like if there is an open mesh, or whatever) then export it as an STL. That repaired file seems less of a problem to Shapr3d.

You could open a support ticket and attach the files to get their attention. Or attach them here… the dev team does frequent the forum.

Hi Bob, that’s a nice tip, I’ll give a try later this week.
Thanks a bunch,