Can’t post 3 pictures

I want to explain a problem with 3 screen shots but get “sorry new users can only post one picture”. Is there a way around this?

I’ve elevated your trust level.

I’d like to ask another question, but have reached my daily limit as a new user. Are you able to change this as well? Thanks

I can’t but you can ask it in this topic:)

I’d like to create models of buildings, buildings with brickwork. Obviously I need to draw the brickwork design once. Is there a way of applying this texturing to other faces and bodies? In other words can I “add texture” to a plain face in a simple way?


Unfortunately we don’t have textures currently.

Is it on the roadmap at all?

Not in the near future unfortunately.

Do you have a formal mechanism for feature requests, or do I just ask here?


We always collect customer requests from all sources (forum, survey etc), but we don’t have a formal feature request process.

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