The ability to Inference existing faces, planes, points etc. when Extruding and moving.

The problem that this feature will solve:

Using multiple commands to achieve the same result.

To have a more fluid workflow and less frustration especially when extruding to existing geometry.

Not a deal breaker right now.


This is a big deal for me. I’m an ex Sketchup user and Shapr modeling really needs this feature.


@Istvan, is “inferencing” like functionality still on the roadmap?
It has been requested many times over the years. I found a reply of yours from 2018 that you were working on it. Anything you can share?

To be clear, I do know about the inference like feature of the Replace Face tool that helps in some circumstances…
But a full range of inference guides that work with various tools would really help many peoples workflow.


I am also an almost-former SketchUp user and I love their implementation of inferences. I think implementing this feature in Shapr would be super helpful. I created this official video for Google about eight years ago for their Technique and Toolbar Series.

I have difficulty with the align tool achieving the desired results in Shapr3D, so something like true inferencing would be helpful.

I also have a video on creating a table in another thread here that shows inferencing. Components and Instances - #7 by CurlyBee

Your videos are great CurlyBee, very professional.